Faith and Work Webinar Series: Humanities

Thursday, February 1, 2024

12:00–1:00 PM CT

Our work was never intended to be transactional. It was designed to be transformative. Since the beginning of creation, God has invited us to co-labor with him in all he has created. Scripture testifies that we were called to work for his glory. What does his divine design for our work mean for us today?

In this webinar, we will consider how our work is worship when done for God's purposes and glory. We will discuss a biblical framework of work and consider how our work extends beyond our weekday occupation to all aspects of our ministry and life.

Faith and Work: Humanities

This Faith & Work webinar will explore how the humanities' work illuminates God's unchanging truth in our ever-changing world. Our discussion encompasses the profound historical significance of humanities (including literature, philosophy, history, art and theology) as contributors to our understanding of truth. These disciplines shape our worldview, influence our vocations, and contribute to the complexities of human experience. This webinar encourages Christians to think theologically and imaginatively about enduring realities of human condition in our modern world. 

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